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Broadcast Awards 2019

So excited to report that this amazing group of Westlake students was on fire tonight at the Broadcast Awards!!

Thundervision took home 5 First place trophies and the Directors Choice award for best overall film!

We also had many students place 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in multiple competitions.

Best Event Recap: 1st Place Carson McMaster

Best Commercial:  1st Place Carson McMaster 

Sports Radio Broadcast:  1st Place Keaton Hales, Thomas Bartell, Tyler Hallam, Cole Whiffen, and Darryan Johnson

Best Radio Intro:  1st Place Darryan Johnson

Same Day Radio Competition:  1st Place Darryan Johnson and Thomas Bartell

Directors Choice Award (Best Overall Film Submission - Categorized as the film that all students should see!  It was about suicide prevention):  Austin Cook, Harrison Follett, Jeremy Thompson, Thomas Bartell

Finalists (Awarded for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place):

Best Intro:  Gabe Raburn

Entertainment Segment:  Cole Black

Best Commercial:  Cole Black

Live Event Broadcast:  For the 24 Hour Live Stream Keaton Hales, Davis Butcher Podcast:  Thomas Bartell

Radio Commercial:  Thomas Bartell

PSA:  Keaton Hales, Austin Cook

Anchor Competition:  Emma Wind and Cameron Gray!

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